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Aeron's Tetrabiblios

A Pig Dances With My Bones

Wren Adlerbury
17 March 1981
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My name is Aaron. I don't really use this anymore.
1000 homo djs, aesop rock, akron/family, aphex twin, art bears, autechre, battles, bauhaus, bile, black flag, blonde redhead, blood brothers, bobby conn, bootsy collins, boredoms, buckethead, changelings, charming hostess, clit 45, coil, crash worship, crass, dead can dance, diamanda galas, die toten hosen, down, dredg, dwarves, dynamite club, earth crisis, emperor, ensterzende neubauten, exp, eyvind kang, faith and the muse, faith no more, fantomas, faun fables, fela kuti, femi kuti, foetus, george jones, ghetto boys, goblin, gogol bordello, goon moon, hasidic new wave, hawkwind, hella, herbie hancock, hilter, idiot flesh, john zorn, killing joke, king crimson, klaus nomi, kodo, krigshot, lard, lefty frizzell, legendary pinks dots, leo kottke, leonard cohen, les claypool, le’rue delashay, liars, lisa gerrard, lonesome organist, long fin willie, lords of acid, lullabye arkestra, man man, marc almond, masada, mclusky, melvins, micah blue smaldone, morrissey, mortiis, mr. bungle, nomeansno, non, nurse with wound, ohgr, pantera, pigface, pitchshifter, pixies, plasmatics, praxis, premature ejaculation, primus, psychic tv, pulp, rage against the machine, rasputina, recoil, red snapper, refused, revolting cocks, ritalin, rollins band, rozz williams, sacrifice poles, saul williams, secret chiefs 3, sigur ros, skinny puppy, sleepytime gorilla museum, slow roosevelt, some girls, sonic youth, street drum corps., stump, swans, tarantula a.d., the associates, the book of knots, the centimeters, the dillinger escape plan, the great tyrant, the locust, the london suede, the magnetic fields, the mars volta, the matches, the residents, the slits, the smiths, the tear garden, the tiger lillies, the tunahelpers, the white stripes, this heat, this mortal coil, tim buckley, tin hat trio, today is the day, tom waits, tomahawk, tones on tail, ulver, unkle, uz jsme doma, wesley willis, wishbone ash, yeti, zeke